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Interactions that take place between the applications, database, and middleware system is what a web architecture describes. The primary feature that web architecture needs to perform is to ensure that all the actions that the web needs to perform works simultaneously. Here is a process that web application architecture goes through:

Right, when you make a search on your search engine by typing the URL on the search bar and clicking the search button, the web application architecture starts working. By this process, the server sends a request of the desired data, and in return, the opposite server sends back the desired files as the search result.

All this above-mentioned process happens in microseconds, and finally, the user gets the resulted page and click on the correct link to go to the website. The most essential to note in this process is the codes that were passed from one computer to another network and the results that were presented from the server to the computer. This is the same process that a web application architecture needs to follow.

Modern way of web application architecture

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In this modern time, a web application architecture has to deal with a lot of things and is not focusing on the traffic network on which the internet works. However, the application server is designed in a way that it can bear a load of traffic when a large number of people uses it at the same time. here are some of the functions on which web application architecture highly depends upon:

  • Efficiency: it is of utmost importance that the application architecture focusses on the efficiency of the application; it means the application should efficiently fulfill the purpose for which it is made.
  • Reliability: along with efficiency, it is important that the application architecture is done in a way that it serves the purpose of the user by being the most trusted source to do that work.
  • Scalability: The application scale should be predefined, which means that the application should work on all the set perimeters effectively.
  • Security: today, there is an application available for doing each and every work that you want to in your day to day time, but along with these applications, it becomes necessary that they do the desired work with a full level of security. From your shopping to social media handle, each of the websites highly depends on the web application architecture, and security is the component on which no compromise is allowed.
  • Robustness: it is the condition to fight each and every sort of adverse condition that can come in the midway of the execution of the application. The web application architecture should focus on making the application much more robust in nature.

How does the architecture of the application works?

There are typically two codes that are running side by side the application works that are main in the architecture of the application.

  1. Client-side code: the code that can respond to the some user inputs in the browser.
  2. Server-side code: the code that can respond to the HTTP requests and is in the server.

The web developer needs to make the decision about what will the code present in the server will do to respond to the code in the browser correctly. The most common types of languages that are used in righting the server-side codes are:

  1. JAVA
  2. JavaScript
  3. Python
  4. PHP
  5. Ruby

The responsibility of the server-side code is to create a page result for which the codes in the browser make a search. The results on the page that is requested by the browser can depend upon many types of data such as the profile of the user, user inputs, and also types of the data searched, but this information is not provided further to the end-user.

When it comes to writing the client-side codes, a mixture of application languages like CSS, HTML, and also JavaScript is used. The client-side codes can be seen as well as modified by the user, which is not possible in the server-side codes.   

What are the models of web application components?

Here is a list of few web application components:

  • When One database is used for one web server.
  • When one database is used for multiple web servers.
  • When multiple databases are used for multiple web servers.

So by now, you are pretty much clear about the fact that what is web application architecture and how does web application architecture work.