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The API service providers, also known as an application programming interface, are an interface that interacts between the software intermediaries. All the kind of requests to be made at the programming interface is made possible only through this API. Many API’s are floating around in the market, out of which you confuse choosing which one is the best and user-friendly.

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But of all the two API toward which the user declines the most are SOAP and REST. They are in a continuous battle with each other from the time they were launched in the market. So, let you first learn that what these two platforms are all about? Later we will answer the most common question: who is the winner of the race of rest vs soap. 

SOAP (Simple Objects Access Protocol)

The SOAP platform was the one that was released earlier than the REST. The developers’ basic idea behind making this platform is to allow people to build applications on different platforms. Also, they can choose the programming language of their choice. When converting from one platform to the other platform, the coding data exchange is also made easy by this API interface.

REST (Representational State Transfer)

Later, when the SOAP was released, the REST platform entered the picture. It is built especially for the media based components such as music and video files on the internet server and the hardware devices. This surface uses the normal HTTP verbs if they want to make any changes in the server’s resources.

What are the key differences?

 There are many key differences you will notice when you will start studying rest vs soap. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • The SOAP platform is a protocol having a desired specification. It also has a WSDL file, which every developer requires to make your addition to the web service location. On the other hand, the REST is an architectural framework used by developers as a web service.
  • The SOAP platform cannot be used as a REST platform, but the REST platform can be used as a SOAP. Their reason behind this is that the rest is an architectural pattern offering full-fledged web hosting and service for the application, while soap cannot perform all these functions. The rest platform can make use of the soap as an underlying platform for their architectural design.
  • The usage of the soap platform is low, but the bandwidth they demand is high. The reason behind this is that the message they have contains a high amount of information inside it. On the other hand, the rest platform doesn’t require any such high bandwidth range. They need the normal bandwidth when a request is sent to the server. The message sent through the is direct and has no additions above and below the message.
  • The limitation of the SOAP platform is that it can work only with the XML formats. Every message framed is in this format only. On the other hand, there is a variety of data formats that you can work with if you choose the REST platform. It can range from plain to HTML to XML, etc.

When to use the rest platform?

You must opt for the rest platform in the following situations:

  • Limited Bandwidth: As we have studied, the bandwidth requirement in the rest platform is less. If the server you have has less storage bandwidth, you must use this platform. It will save your storage and never constraint the web server.
  • Statelessness: it the situation in front f you require no state of information; you should use the rest platform. If the information is required to flow from one source to another, then the suited platform is SOAP.
  • Caching: you must have noticed the option to accept cookies and save caches. If you want to save many caches on your website, you must choose the REST platform.
  • Easy coding: if you are looking for a platform that eas down your coding process, then the REST is best for you.

When to use SOAP?

Use of the SOAP is preferred in the following situations:

  • Stateful operation: If you require a state in which you have to transfer the requests, then the SOAP platform is the best.
  • Level of security: if your website requires a high level of security, you have to opt for the SOAP platform. It is highly secured and can be used for payment options and other high-security works.


These are the major differences between the rest and the soap platform. They both have different functions, so you have to decide which one is the best for you and choose one from the rest vs soap.