web development

Web service involves each activity that you do over the internet network; this can involve your messaging, banking, shopping, and all other activities where exchange of the data takes place. Enabling the communication between different networks where the exchange of data takes place is termed as a web service.

Now the question arises is that how does a web service work? Working on the web service greatly is what you do all day on your phone using your internet network. A web service uses the system of Extensible Markup Language to make web service work. XML is not the only language that a web service uses to process your task that you want to; other languages that a web service may use are:

  • HTML
  • WSDL
  • SOAP

To understand how a web service work, it is important that you go through the following examples.

Internet platform

When you initiate your banking transaction while sitting at your home or when shopping; the banking transaction involves the following steps:

  1. You need to have a digital banking source, like a UPI application or a net banking system.
  2. The next thing is to scan the code where you want to pay or select the payment option.
  3. Now you need to make the payment by adding the money t9o the wallet or directly making the payment from your bank using One Time Password.
  4. The last step is that you get a confirmation of the payment.

Now the above-mentioned steps were what you were doing on your mobile while using a web service to make an online banking transaction possible.

Now go through what happens in the languages to make that transaction happens:

  1. When you activate your online payments by opening to digital payments or net banking, you transfer your data to the bank through a web service provider to provide you this service on your mobile.
  2. When you use your application to initiate payment by scanning the receiver’s code, the languages are making the exchange of data and providing you the information of the receiver to make the transaction more straightforward for you.
  3. By adding the money in your wallet, you are again making the request to exchange the data of making a transaction from your bank. When you click to make a payment, you are requesting your bank to make a payment, and that is a request that you make payment.
  4. When you get a confirmation, your bank is making an exchange of data with you and informing you that transaction is successful.

All these tasks that were done on your end so were because of the best quality of web services; it actually involved exchanging data, documents, pictures, and many other things. This is the only point on which a web service actually works.

Different characteristics of web services and how do they work?

There are multiple characteristics of the web service that also have their workings involve. They actually work in making the different categories of data exchange.

  • XML Based: it is the most basic type of language system that is used in the exchange of data; when you use XML based system, you will probably not require of networking, operating system, and a platform binding.
  • Coarse-grained: when there is a lot of related data in then it is considered to be coarsed-grained. This system helps to wraps one or more than that fine-grained.

Why is testing important?

When you create a web service, it becomes essential that you make it go through a test before you make it available for public use. It is important that all types of tests are done in a simpler way so that the final user does not suffer from any sort of problem while using that service.

You can do the testing on your own by either using a manual method or by doing it through automation; there are various advantages of doing through automation; have a look over them:-

It makes the service safe: safety is an essential point that every user looks for, so it becomes the developer’s duty that they deliver a safe service for the user’s use. Automation can do that for you easily.

Simplifies with previous versions: it is not like you are creating the service for the first time; your service might be available for the use of people previously. Under this condition, it becomes mandatory that your service version performs the same task as of the previous one. Automation does that for you.